From 1999 through 2010 as member of Hudson River Playback Theatre (based in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York) I, along with Jo Salas and other company members, taught and performed  the "No More Bullying!" program to address school safety, bullying,and acceptance. In that time about 18,000 students from grades 2 to 12 in over 50 schools got to see, hear and, if trained within that component of the residency program, perform with other  adult members of Hudson River,  students' experiences of being bullied, witnessing bullying and even being a bully. This program allowed for classrooms to develop the language and tools to make changes toward a more tolerant and friendly school culture. 

Regardless of whether bullying is an issue,  Playback Theatre in  schools and  youth organizations provides a profound vehicle for unique and empathetic conversation for students, members, parents, staff, and administrator. Playback provides a theatrical ritual container where audience members  recognize a respectful inviting environment to share the stories of personal experience.  In highly customized residency programs Playback is taught and performed as part of the curriculum and will meet various learning standards while building community, empathy, connection and understanding which can further reduce stress, isolation. 


Playback training teaches you to yourself, and to others. In this three-hour workshop participants will have the opportunity to engage, play and learn basic playback forms that promise spontaneous fun while learning about the ritual and essence of Playback Theatre. No prior theatre experience is necessary and appropriate for schools, community organizations, work teams...everyone! Customized for each group according to age, ability and  goals.

Groups can organize eight or more people and invite me to give an introduction. Also I organize intros locally (Marin County, California) and areas I visit. If you would like to know when an event is scheduled, please send your email (used only for purposes of workshop notifications) and I will keep you posted.

training & residencies


Often it is helpful for an active even professional company to invite an outside trainer to come to them. This saves time, energy and finances otherwise spent sending the company to a training. It also provides  for workshop customized to the artistic goals of the ensemble.

In a discussion with the company's founder or principal I explore the group’s requests for specific areas of development. A training can be 4 hours or a 4-day intensive.

 I have worked with companies wanting to

  • sharpen acting skill and stage craft
  • strengthen ensemble work
  • enhance the use of metaphor
  • deepen group life
  • develop understanding of the social dimension and the use of the “ninja actor”
  • understand story structure to hear, act and talk about stories with a shared vernacular
  • clarify the purpose and discipline of the original forms and teach new forms
  • experience freedom in the mystery and flexibility of theatre
  • rediscover joy and humility in this co-creative act of service

I am also available to teach Hudson River Playback Theatre's "No More Bulling!" teaching and performance model (discussed briefly above) to qualified active PT theatre companies wishing to engage in this work in schools.