Playback Theatre:  dedicated to story, community, and ritual.

Stories are the narrative of our lives. They weave our experiences together and speak the truth of the tapestry of connection to each other and the world around us.
When we elevate our stories into the ritual and artistry of theatre, we can easily recognize the wonder and reality of our alikeness. 

Art is essential to integrating experience and our stories are the narratives of these experiences. Seeing our stories come to life as theatre further deepens this integration. In Playback Theatre we listen to others with empathy, fairness and grace and then reflect back through sound, movement and short enactments what we have heard and seen. The art, ritual and social interaction of a Playback Theatre performance is an overture for positive personal transformation; one that expands our humanistic capacity, however big or small, so that we may further embrace our selves and our world community with a growing understanding and acceptance.

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About playback

We can’t tell what transformation is happening but we know that when emotionally charged communication is listened to with empathy and respect, then reflected back with artistry we all feel something – something is different.

I experience it as a subtle peacefulness. My faith in playback and gratitude for this form grows as does my faith in humans to change and grow.