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Penny is an Accredited Trainer of The Centre of Playback Theatre. She has been performing and teaching Playback Theatre in New York since 1998 and for the past five years in Seattle and California, and holds a BA, Theatre Arts: Playback Theatre for Social Change. Penny's journey began when she discovered the magic of the Playback Theatre art form as a vehicle to creativity, collaboration, and service to meaningful human connections – both long lasting and spontaneous. Penny is now profoundly honored to help provide this powerful pathway for others.

"I have been an active playback practitioner since joining Hudson River Playback Theatre (HRPT) in 1998 upon completion of a Core Training taught by Jo Salas, co-founder of Playback Theatre (PT). I began as a performer and eventually a trainer under the tutelage of Ms. Salas. Under her artistic direction, I participated in weekly rehearsals, multiple performances and residencies in middle schools adopting and fully integrating her embodiment of the values and ethics upon which PT is built.
In 2006 I graduated from the School of Playback Theatre, an honor which was accomplished not only by my experience with HRPT, but by taking many School of Playback (now “Centre for Playback Theatre”) courses presented by exceptional trainers throughout the years. I believe this brought diversity to my perspective, insight to teaching styles, exposure to the breadth of playback applications, as well as afforded the  opportunity to experience a wonderful immersion into the playback community.

 After assisting Jonathan Fox (Jo Salas’ husband, also a co-founder) in Core Training in 2007 I was accepted by the School of Playback Theatre as faculty and invited to present Core Training in the winter of 2008 in New York City. I have since become an Accredited Playback Theatre Trainer and I have taught for the Centre of Playback Theatre in Seattle Core Training and Playback Experience in 2013 and 2014 respectively. In both these classes I had students who were accomplished playback practitioners and founders of active PT companies. They came to learn how the school is teaching playback. They wanted to come to [their words] “the source”. 

My teaching style is engaging, expansive, safe, fun, clear and reflective of playback ethics while modeling respect, inclusivity, and justice – playback’s core values."